Find in Files of Filetype – Sublime Text

On the find in files dialog, there is a “Where:” text box and an associated “…” button . Click the button and select “Add include filter…”. This will fill the contents of the text box with “*.txt”. Change this to suit your needs. You can add multiple criteria.

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Are you writing legacy CSS code? | Tinned Fruit

Most articles about CSS refactoring focus on specific refactoring techniques. They rarely even mention testing as a safety net for changes. Those that do describe ad-hoc manual testing or visual regression testing using image diff tools such as Wraith, PhantomCSS or BackstopJS. These tools take a little setting up, but they can quickly tell you if a page or component differs from an expected ‘reference’ image. You can use visual regression tests if you want to refactor code to produce the same result that you already have.

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The Third Wave of Agile

The objective of the third wave is to transform how we charter, lead and manage organizations by shifting to an Agile mindset, fostering a culture of organizational learning, and adopting organization-wide Agile operations. As we shift our attention to general management and leadership practices, our subject broadens to include all knowledge work domains and the entire organization.

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