How to use Capybara’s fill_in on a Site Prism page object – Stack Overflow

It turns out that this works:

login_page.fill_in[:name], with: ‘’
The [:name] symbol is any unique input attribute you may have in the code.

via pageobjects – Capybara’s fill_in on a Site Prism’s page object doesn’t work – Stack Overflow


How Etsy Formats Currency – Code as Craft

Etsy does business in more than 200 regions and 9 languages. It’s important that our member experience is consistent and credible in all regions, which means we have to format prices correctly for all members.

In this post, I’ll cover:

  • Examples of bad currency formatting
  • How you can format currency correctly
  • Practical implementation decisions we made along the way

In order to follow along, you need to know one important thing: Currency formatting depends on three attributes: the currency, the member’s location, and the member’s language.

via How Etsy Formats Currency – Code as Craft